Resources for Field Employees

On Assignment

While on assignment, you are acting as our envoy and are expected to:

  • Conduct yourself in a positive and professional manner, avoiding "office politics."
  • Follow all company policies regarding attendance, conduct, dress code, job performance, and use of cell phones/internet. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us immediately!
  • Report on time, every day, and work to the best of your ability until the assignment ends.


If you are unable to meet your scheduled assignment hours (leave early, arrive late, call out), you must contact us AND the client company where you are working, prior to your scheduled start time. Attendance is tracked, and more than 3 unexcused absences during the course of any assignment could be cause for termination.

Capital Area Staffing: 207-620-7823
Bangor Area Staffing: 207-217-6580

Timecard Submittal

Our work week runs Monday through Sunday, and completed timecards are due by fax or email no later than Friday by close of business, unless you are working a weekend shift. In that case, please fax/email no later than 8am Monday morning, even if unsigned by your supervisor. Please email timecards to If we receive your timecard by the deadline, your check will be direct deposited on Wednesday.