Services For Clients

Employers today are faced with many challenges; finding the right employee doesn't have to be one of them! We take the hassle out of hiring by recruiting, screening and testing individuals to specifically meet the needs of your company.

We meet all employer-of-record responsibilities, including recruiting, administrative, unemployment, and workers compensation costs, and payroll. Partnering with us to handle your staffing needs frees up your resources, so you can concentrate on developing your business and increasing your company's bottom line!

Service Programs

Our flexible Service Programs let you choose from a package of services designed to handle fluctuating daily work schedules, special projects, and long term or permanent placement of key staff.

If you would like more information or an obligation-free quote, you can submit your information online, and we will get back to you within 1 business day. Otherwise, please contact us in Augusta at (207) 620-7823 or Bangor at (207) 217-6580.


Need a project-based employee, but can't add that person to your core staff? How about vacation or medical leave coverage? The temporary workforce is your solution! Hire a professional person on a short or long-term basis.


You may decide that the best solution for you is to convert our temporary Field Employee to your permanent, core staff. Or perhaps you have chosen the popular alternative of utilizing us as a recruiting resource! Our contract-to-hire Service Program allows our Clients the opportunity to preview our Field Employees' ability to perform (while on the job as a temporary employee) before any actual job offer is made.

Should you wish to convert one of our Field Employees to your permanent staff, please contact us for fee information at (207) 620-7823 or (207) 217-6580.

Direct Hire

Need to fill a key spot immediately? Hire directly through us! We offer a 60-day guarantee on all Direct Hire placements, provided our invoice is paid in full within 20 (twenty) days of the referred candidate’s start date. Should the employee leave your organization for any reason (other than layoff for lack of work), we will provide a replacement candidate at no additional fee. Our Direct Hire fee is based upon the skill requirements and starting salary of the position recruited.

What sets us apart from other staffing companies? Our commitment to superior, personal service. As part of that on-going commitment, we are only a phone call away – seven days a week, around the clock!

Testing & Screening Services

We utilize state of the art skills-testing software, for the most comprehensive applicant assessments. We have a wide range of skills tests available.